Dedicated to Pierre Krijbolder (1920-2004), author of ‘Jezus de Nazoreeer’

‘Crucifixion and Turin Shroud Mysteries Solved’ (1999)

(On the left: portrait photo on backflap cover taken by son-in-law, Henk Eerhart)

Mr Pierre Krijbolder

Mr P.B.J. Krijbolder

ISBN / Bookdata overview:

english translation [1999]CRUCIFIXION AND TURIN SHROUD MYSTERIES SOLVED = (978) 9073290013

front cover

front cover





Library data:

Koninklijke Bibliotheek Den Haag, 2595 BE Netherlands
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Tilburg Univ Tilburg, 5037 AB Netherlands
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Title Crucifixion and Turin Shroud mysteries solved : Jesus was not the crucified man! The Turin shroud displays prester John
Author(s) Krijbolder, P.B.J.; Hagen, John
Publisher First Q
Place of publication Rotterdam
Publication year 1999
Size XIV, 221, 65 p
Height 25 cm
Person as subject Jezus van Nazareth (4 v.Chr.-29 n.Chr.)
Keyword(s) Lijkwade van $Turijn; Rooms-Katholieke Kerk
Classification 11.35 bijbelse oudheden, archeologie en geografie
Annotation(s) Herz. vert. van: Jezus de Nazoreeër. – 2e geheel herz. uitg. – Amsterdam : Annex, 1989. – 1e dr.: Amsterdam : Wetenschappelijke Uitgeverij, 1976;
ISBN 90-73290-01-5
Location CBM TF B 48810


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  1. bought this book today : 3 August 2010 in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, Europe.


    Comment by Stijn Gabeler — August 3, 2010 @ 7:23 pm

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